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Honeymoon Registry


They say necessity is the mother of invention.

And so it was when we, Honeyfund.com's founders (that's us up there), set out to find a free honeymoon registry . You see, we already had a home full of housewares. We just wanted one FANTASTIC honeymoon—half way around the world in Fiji.

 So we created Honeyfund.com. We hope it helps makae your honeymoon happen.

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Cruise Ports

 PortPromotions.com was founded in 1990 to provide independent shore excursions as an alternative to the cruise line’s high prices and mass markets. 

 Their tours are guaranteed to be less expensive and less crowded than those on the cruise ships. 

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Funjet  offers hotels and resorts around the world. Including  Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii,  Costa

Funjet has built relationships with the best hotels and resorts around the world. The hotels and resorts that Funjet recommends include luxurious all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, Hawaiian hotels with stunning surroundings, upscale and trendy locations in Costa Rica and Panama, popular U.S. vacation destinations and a wide selection of charming European accommodations.  We can even help you set up a honeymoon registry for any destination.

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